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Think Engage Thrive Startup Framework

The Think Engage Thrive™ (TET) startup training framework is designed to guide budding entrepreneurs through the critical phases of launching and scaling a successful business.

In the “Think” module, participants are immersed in the process of ideation, market research, and development of a minimum viable product (MVP), equipping them with the skills to validate their business ideas and understand their target market deeply. 

The “Engage” module, the framework shifts focus towards market entry, customer acquisition, operational excellence, and ultimately, growth and scalability. 

The “Thrive” module is centered on scaling the business, navigating market changes, and sustaining growth through advanced strategies in financial management, leadership, and innovation. 

The Think Engage Thrive Startup Training Framework for Entrepreneurs

The Author

Philip Masiello is one of the founders of CrunchGrowth Revenue Acceleration Agency, one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the nation. Mr. Masiello is renowned for his e-commerce and Amazon selling expertise. He is also well-known for his entrepreneurial talent, having launched five unique international brands since the age of 25.

In addition, Phil is an investor in several interesting startups as varied as digital games, the circular recycling economy, real estate, and personal care products.  In addition to providing capital, Phil uses his marketing expertise to help these startups to scale faster.


Marketing Agency

CrunchGrowth Revenue Acceleration Agency: Data-Driven Digital Marketing and Web Development for e-commerce brands scaling online and on the Amazon marketplace.  CrunchGrowth works with brands to execute a digital strategy that delivers sales and profitability growth using the most up to date advertising automation and marketing techniques.


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Phil is a startup veteran and has mentored many founders to help them avoid the pitfalls of early stage businesses. His experience is unparalleled and helps to skyrocket founders to success.