Phil Masiello, Entrepreneur, Marketer,


How Business Shaped The World

Empires and Entrepreneurs

This book traces the beginning of entrepreneurship in ancient times and looks at how entrepreneurs have grown, adapted, and evolved over the centuries. From stories that explore the motivations of early pioneers to more modern tales of success and failure, this book illuminates the past and provides insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Featuring inspiring stories of risk-taking and innovation, this book encourages you to think about what it means to be entrepreneurial, arming you with the knowledge it takes to launch a successful venture. With its witty narrative and informative tone, this book is perfect for entrepreneurs and history buffs looking for a better understanding of the history of entrepreneurship. Get ready to explore the minds of some of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in history and learn how their examples are still relevant today.

Marketing Actions TO Skyrocket Your Brand

Think Engage Thrive

Digital marketing has transformed how business is done. Today it is easier than ever to get your message in front of customers. The problem is, it is easier for your competition, too. So how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd? How can tools like Google Analytics help you engage with what customers love and do? Confronting a mountain of data, how can you make your business thrive?

Philip Masiello, CEO of Hound Dog Digital Marketing, can tell you. Fueled by decades of his experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, Masiello’s THINK ENGAGE THRIVE! tears down marketing models created in a data-poor age, offering common sense alternatives that take marketing out of the textbook, into the real world. Through stories of lessons he learned as an entrepreneur, TV shopping marketer, and million dollar Amazon seller, Masiello contrasts dysfunctional corporate cultures with the best-known companies doing marketing right, including Apple, Amazon, and Dunkin’ Donuts.