Secrets To Selling On Amazon

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Whether you are a small brand or a Fortune 100 company, you can learn some new and innovative ways to sell on the Amazon marketplace.


Think – Engage – Thrive:

The Secrets To Selling On Amazon From A Million Dollar Seller

Amazon, brands either love the marketplace or they hate it.  Certainly there is good and bad to selling on Amazon. But to survive today you need to understand how to sell on Amazon or your competitors will.

Today, You Need To Sell On Amazon

Our philosophy is simple. The customers are on Amazon so if you aren’t selling your brand their, you are missing a big opportunity.  Close to 70% of all product searches begin on Amazon today. That means more people search for a product on Amazon than on Google.

This FREE book will help you to understand how to sell on Amazon and what you need to do to be successful. It dispels the horror stories that people hear and teaches you how to grow your brand on the biggest marketplace on the planet.

Use Amazon To Grow Your Brand

No one ever said to put all of your eggs in the Amazon basket.  There are ways to use the customer traffic and the SEO value of Amazon to build your own brand.  Using innovative merchandising strategies, I have successfully used Amazon to get consumer trial and drive repeat purchases to my website.

Think about the customer first.  They hear about your product, but they don’t know anything about you.  Today consumers are very skeptical of giving out their financial information.  But if there is one thing that Amazon has with its customers, it is trust. You have a better chance of getting a customer to try your product on Amazon because customers know if there is an issue, Amazon will refund them no questions asked. So that initial barrier is reduced.

The Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon marketplace has transformed how e-commerce companies launch.  It is easier than ever to get a storefront built on Amazon.  It is easier for your competition as well.  So how do you stand out from the crowd and build your sales?  How do you engage with the Amazon customers before your competitors do?  Confronting this mountain of competition, how can you make your business thrive?

Philip Masiello can tell you.

Fueled by years of experience marketing on Amazon and other online marketplaces, Phil shares his knowledge of how to sell on Amazon.

Phil Masiello – Entrepreneur, Author, Founder and CEO of Hound Dog Digital Marketing Agency, one of the fastest growing agencies in the Mid -Atlantic and one of the few who specialize in Amazon selling.