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Ready to start your own business? Let’s get real – do you know what you are getting yourself into? 

Think Engage Thrive™ is the brainchild of an experienced entrepreneur, Phil Masiello. With several books on digital marketing and brand building already published by Amazon and an impressive portfolio of direct-to-consumer food, fashion, beauty, and personal care brands under his belt – you know your journey starts with the right mentor. But it doesn’t stop there! Phil has gathered seasoned entrepreneurs from around the country who open up about their near-death experiences as startups – all for educational entertainment! 

No more generic advice about startup success stories! Hear first-hand accounts from those who lived it – enjoy the funny moments and grasp how to succeed in business without going through everything yourself. Get insight on how to launch your dream product or company and how to avoid potential mistakes along the way. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn what starting a business looks like by tuning into Think Engage Thrive weekly!

Tune in for interviews from entrepreneurs like you who want to share what they’ve learned while starting their businesses on Think Engage Thrive – The Ups, Downs & Humorous Side of Entrepreneurship & Startups!

S2 E28 Andres Klaric, Fuse Finance: Loan Origination Automation for the Next Gen

S2 E27 Manny Skevofilax and How He Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed.

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S2 E25 David Fradin, Founder of Spice Catalyst on Building Great Products

S2 E24 Frederick Vallaeys Co-founder of Optmyzr and one of Google's Earliest Employees.

S2 E3 John Hewitt: Innovating Success with Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax and Loyalty Brands

S2 E22 Philippe Noel Founder of ParadeDB Modernizing Elastic Search

S2 E21 Sandra Stepan: Getting User Generated Content For Your Social Accounts